Global Impact 2 Coming to TV’s Everywhere

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Last year TNA and New Japan Pro-Wrestling were featured on Spike TV and producing the hottest DVD in years and they want to do it again. In January 2009 TNA will travel abroad once more showing you the excitment and jaw dropping action of Total Non-Stop Action.

Global Impact The Toko Dome:

TNA plans to feature Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash in their main event. Though things can change the main event match will include:

Kurt Angle; Kevin Nash, Riki Chashu, and Masahiro Choro


Takashi Lizuka, Giant Benard, Karl Anderson, Tamohiro Ishii

The fans of Total Non-stop Action have waited for this moment and on January 4th 2009 TNA plans to give it to you. The date for the show to air on Spike TV is yet to be devulged but is much awaited.

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FCW and the WWE: Raising the Next Generation of Wrestlers

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Recently WWE took the FCW under its wing. Making it a great landing spot for hopeful superstars. Flordia Championship Wrestling though its been around for decades has a new edge in the business. FCW has decided to feature Live events each thursday to showcase the next generation of wrestlers!

These events are affordable and exciting for wrestling fans. Its a great opportunity for families to share in the experience of World Wrestling Entertainment. Now there are more than 30 new hopefuls showcasing their talent  in the FCW. You can see talents like: Black Pain, “Stampede Kid” TJ Wilson, Tyson Traver, Ian Richards, Manu, as well as the lovely Miss Angela.

Their official website shows photos, news, and the latest information on how you can break into the world of wrestling. Do you think you have what it takes to make the cut?  Go to school with the FCW by visiting

If you are interested in contacting the FCW simply visit their website at:

Randy Orton @ FCW Arena November 16th, 2008

World Wrestling Entertainment: Family Through the Ages

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We all enjoy the power packed hours the WWE offers each Monday and Friday nights. Though many of us might know where the company comes from and the great amount of dedication the McMahon family had placed in this organization.

The WWE has been called many things over the years and gone through many generations of McMahon’s Starting with Roderick James “Jess” McMahon a.k.a Jess McMahon. The loving Grandfather of Vincent K. McMahon first started as a promoter and decided to tackle the world of wrestling in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s.

There were many things about that era that were unclear however we know that the organization was started as CWC or Capitol Wrestling Corporation. In the 1950’s the CWC joined NWA and the torch was pasted to Vincent McMahon Sr by Ray Fabiani. They were such a great team that in 1956 Channel 5 aired the shows live getting them out of backyards.

The McMahon family continued to go as Vincent Sr. started to mold young Vincent Jr. into a formidable wrestling guru per say. Showing him the ropes and teaching him what he knows so he could take over his place in the wrestling biz.

In 1985 the first Wrestle Mania would bring great concern. Many believed that Vincent K. McMahon had taken too many risks. Although he felt his concept would be great and at the tell all Wrestle Mania Vince showed the world what Sports Entertainment was all about.

In 2002 WWF became the WWE pending a long journey with the World Wildlife Federation for the trademark.

The New Name? World Wrestling Entertainment…..

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The Rocky Road to Success-Total Non-Stop Action

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The start of TNA was a rocky one. Many questioned it’s success and though it was an Idea to behold Jeff Jarrett was not letting go of the idea that pondered his mind. The concept for TNA was brought about during a fishing trip shared by Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Jarrett and Bob Ryder. The men merely kicked around the thought but the innovative Jeff took it to heart.

The beginning of TNA took some doing and with all the world seemingly against the concept and not sure whether it would work he had to fight for his belief in the program. A major hurdle in his wake was getting the funding for such a show.

The First weekly pay-per-view for TNA aired on June 19th 2002 were Ken Shamrock won the first TNA Heavyweight Championship.

TNA is flourishing today with their own ups and downs over the last 6 years they are still going strong. Remembering the matches and finding the new Superstars of wrestling is what we are about and will continue to bring you coverage on this great company as the weeks continue.

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